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Your Cake Delivered To Your Doorstep

In 3 Working Days

or otherwise, full refund on your purchase. 

At Ibupreneur we believe in our motto "Delivering Quality Products". This translates in the way we bake & creates all our products.

  • Premium baking ingredients are used in all our products

  • We use high quality cling wrap to ensure our products stay fresh all the time

  • We make sure that each production of cake are not monopolized by only one "Ibu" to ensure consistent improvements in all our products

  • And we ensure to a 3-working day delivery post purchase 

So if by any chance you happen to receive our products in its less desirable state (ie: Spoiled Packaging, Smushed Products, Moldy), We will need you to email us at complaints@ibupreneur.org and we will process your refund

Thank You.

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